Quoteleft This is one of Ark’s biggest projects to date – over 30 minutes of animation for the latest installment in Atari and Reflections’ Driver series, equivalent in running time to a third of a full feature-film. Sixteen separate linking scenes were created; to introduce new characters, give out mission instructions, expose plot twists and advance the game’s storyline. The game takes place in both 1978 and 2006, and the brief was to capture the look of both eras. An unlikely cast of over 32 characters were motion captured, modelled, surfaced and rendered to an extremely high level of realism. Quoteright
―Ark on Driver: Parallel Lines.

Ark VFX are an animation studios that are known for their extreme realism in animation for video games.

The company are notably responsible for the creation of the cutscenes within Driver: Parallel Lines; cutscenes which have extremely realistic graphical output and render when compared to the rest of the game. The company states that working on Driver: Parallel Lines was one of their biggest projects, with over 30 minutes of animations, 16 separate scenes, and 32 character models and renders.[1]


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