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In the Beta, Driver: Parallel Lines was very different, things were changed, here is a list of things changed:

Vehicles Edit

  • The Zartex had blue and red lights in style of the M700.
    • Further into development, the new old-style light bar had blue and red light filaments.
  • The Negotiator was dark green in color, and had 8 wheels (two more at the front of the vehicle)
  • The Wayfarer had one large grille rather than a split one. The front bumper also changed.
  • The Namorra had swept back rear profiling and side stripes leading up to the rear light units. The license plate was also relocated.
  • The Grand Valley sported a black soft-top roof by default, and had bumper overrides.
  • The San Marino resembled the real lifeChevrolet Corvette C2 in a much closer way, having an entirely different rear greenhouse area, front pop-up lights and different rear lights.
  • The Bus did not feature graffiti, and had mounted advertisements on the side.
  • The Indiana had a mesh grille.
  • The Security Van was originally exclusive to the 2006 Era.
  • The Andec was named "Eagle".
  • The Torrex was named "Nomad".
  • The Cerva was named "Ardenne".
  • The BX-9 was named "Albion".
  • The Cerrano was named "Coyote".
  • The Pangea was named "Traveller".
  • The Boltus was named "Safari".
  • The Boldius was named "Kenilworth".
  • THe Saxon was named "Challenger".

HUD and InterfaceEdit

  • The hitmarker for locking onto vehicles and pedestrians resembled a Maltese cross.


  • Several stripper-themed characters, including a cowgirl-based dancer, were cut. 
  • Corrigan had a different hairstyle and wore sunglasses.
  • Slink wore green aviators and a green dress shirt, which would later be changed into orange and pastel pink respectively.


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