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Bucks (stylised "BUCKS") is a vehicle manufacturer appearing in the 2006 era of Driver: Parallel Lines.


Not much is known about the company, other than they may be based on Ford, as the only vehicle they manufacture, the Boltus, is based on a Ford vehicle.

Their logo is embossed on the rear panel of the Boltus, similar to how Toyota stylize their company in text on the rear of many pick-ups.


Vehicle Image Notes
Based on the 7th generation (1981) Ford F-250.


Vehicles in Driver: Parallel Lines and Driver 76

Vehicles [edit]

Special Vehicles [edit]
Unlocked after completing gameUnlocked after finishing 1st in racesUnlocked after a missionUnlocked after finishing side jobsDriver 76 exclusive
Cut Vehicles
Eurotech Lifter
BucksKennethTRWestern Motors
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