Warning Symbol Cheats can prevent achievements/trophies from being unlocked, use cheats at your own risk!

The following is a list of enterable Cheats in Driver: Parallel Lines.

List of CheatsEdit

Cheat (PC, Xbox & PS2) Cheat (Wii) Effect
FAROUT Slow-motion gameplay
NIGHTNIGHT Permanent night-time.
SHORTESTDAY Speeds up the day cycle
BODYSNATCHERS Steal a person body by melee-attacking them
GUNBELT HAMBON Give unlimited ammo for all weapons
IRONMAN STEELMAN Give invincibility to the player
KEYSTONE Makes police officers weaker
ZOOMZOOM FLIPCAR Gives unlimited nitro for cars with nitro added
ROLLBAR HULKMAN Makes all vehicles entered indestructible
TOOLEDUP GOMEON Makes all modifications and repairs free in garages
CARSHOW ALLCARRO Unlocks all vehicles available
GUNRANGE PIPASEL Unlocks all weapons available
UNLIMITED Gives unlimited time during missions


Several cheats can only be inputted once reaching a certain amount of miles on the odometer. Note that reaching the 2006 era will reset these stats (does not apply to the PC version).

  • "Far Out" Mode - Reach 900 miles
  • "Night Night" Mode - Reach 700 miles
  • "Body Snatchers" Mode - Reach 666 miles
  • "Shortest Day" Mode - Reach 800 miles

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