Chinatown is a small district within Manhattan, featured in Driver: Parallel Lines.


Chinatown is a small district found in the south eastern region of Manhattan, spanning between the Manhattan Bridge and Safe House in general. According to the game map, it is bordered by the districts of SoHo in the north and Financial District in the south.

Reflecting the real life counterpart, Chinatown in Driver: Parallel Lines is home to a large percentage of Chinese origin, culture and society. A large amount of Chinese restaurants, retail stores and general businesses are found in and around the district, with brightly colored front facade advertisements and lights. The main street running directly through Chinatown also sports decorations, lanterns and banners hanging across the street.

Chinatown is also home to one of the three Loan Shark Side-Jobs during the 1978 era, Loan Shark - Hard, which is located at a small loan shark business on a side street running off the aforementioned main street.

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  • 2 Tokens
    • 1 located in the southern Acom System Parking branch at the tip of the main street, simply make the jump found between the upper level and upper ramp to collect (player will jump into water soon after).
    • 1 located in the northern Acom System Parking branch.



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