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Corrigan's Mansion is a luxury mansion that appears in Driver: Parallel Lines.


The house is a large mansion located in Englewood, New Jersey, during the 2006 Era. The house is owned by Corrigan, Commissioner of the New York Police Department, and is protected by special ops and ex-convicts. The mansion is of a two-storey design and features a modernized design, with the exterior being painted pearl-white with the roofs being a light orange. Although the house itself is inaccessible, around the front and the back of the house, several accessible garages are seen, alongside several trees. The back of the mansion also features a balcony with breakable walls.

It is unknown if the house is around during the 1978 Era.

Parked VehiclesEdit

  • Schweizer (x5) (all black, only during Home Wrecker)


Mission AppearancesEdit

  • Home Wrecker - TK breaks into the grounds surrounding the mansion to deliver Slink's body in Corrigan's limousine, before killing off Corrigan's guards, on the orders of Maria.

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