Crashing is the process of colliding with an object, whether it is a prop, building or even a car. Crashing in Driver: Parallel Lines has being greatly enhanced, with Crash Deformation being very realistic.

Vehicle Damage Edit

There are many ways of causing vehicle damage:

  • Colliding with a vehicle, to create heavy force upon each car, resulting in damage.
  • Colliding with any prop listed below, that can also be destroyed
    • Some plants trees or bushes
    • Fences
    • Street lights, traffic lights and signs
    • Metal barriers, post boxes vending machines or candy machines.
    • Bollards, barrels or tires stacks
    • Car parts that have detached
    • Pedestrians
    • Doughnut stands and mini-game Doughnut stands (signified by the spinning Handcuffs above them)
  • Colliding with a solid prop that is listed below, that cannot be destroyed, moved or damaged
    • Buildings of any kind
    • Plants, bushes or trees
    • Fences guarding the perimeter of the city
    • Pillars that hold any structure above ground
    • Near vertical land
    • Subway Train
    • Metal fencing protecting against falling off any high part of land, bridge of rooftop
  • Gunfire from any listed type of weapon
    • Grenade Launcher, usually resulting in the vehicle being totally destroyed
    • Any weapon that uses bullets or pellets to result in damage, from Pistols to Mini guns
    • Melee with hands. Can make some significant damage if used continuously