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The Manual of Style for vehicles. Please note this is generally supplied as part of a policy, however warnings are not given if users fail to follow the MOS, unlike policy installments. Please read thoroughly.


Generally, vehicle pages are usually other 4,000 bytes in size, and to be qualified as article worthy, they must have all required images (see more for details on requirements.)


The infobox is a template fitted on the right hand side of the article which supplies the necessary and basic details of the vehicle. We use Template:Infobox vehicle for this information.

In all circumstances, if a field is unknown, insert <font color=red>N/A</font> (N/A)

There are certain defaults for this feature:


The name of the vehicle is supplied here. This is the name supplied in the Garage. Other names are supplied in aka (see below).

Front and Rear QuartersEdit

The front and rear quarters are necessary. These are to be taken outside of the LaGuardia Circuit. As of 23-07-16, all vehicles have front and rear quarter images. The naming of the image should go as vehiclename-DPL-front.png and vehiclename-DPL-rear.png. .png is preferred in all cases.


The default caption is "A Vehicle Name in Driver: Parallel Lines." In minor circumstances, this may be altered to adjust to multiple era variants. (i.e. Police Helicopter.)

Aka Edit

AKA defines other vehicle names, i.e beta names, nicknames, file names. The name of the vehicle (page name) must not be supplied in the aka section.


This is Driver: Parallel Lines wiki. It is necessary to keep users informed that the car appears in Driver: Parallel Lines, but if the car appears in another Driver game, supply it, with a wikipedia link. Games must be linked, italicated, and listed (not bullet-pointed) using line breaks.

Vehicle typeEdit

The vehicle type. Most are Civilian cars, though Emergency vehicles are also prominent.

Vehicle classEdit

The Vehicle Class of the vehicle as listed in Ray's Autos. Please insert the template of the vehicle class, i.e. {{VehicleClassInfobox|Sports}}.

Body styleEdit

The body style of the vehicle. Body styles include 4 door sedans, 2 door super cars, box trucks, semi-trucks, light helicopter, chopper, etc. Linking to a relevant category (but NOT a Vehicle Class category) is preferred.


While it is extremely hard to actually test this, supplying the number of doors in the capacity field is the best way to estimate capacity. In other cases, add Unknown, and fix a date to which this is unknown as of.


A list of variants. Variants are vehicles which are based on the original model. A model is not a variant of a variant, so on variant pages, please do not supply the original base model as a "variant"; place it in related.


Related vehicles are similar vehicles, either by style, era-replacement (Meat Wagon > Paramedic, Zartex > M700, etc), or by relationship of variants - the base model of a variant is not a variant, it is a related vehicle.


Handling, acceleration, top_speed, layout, engine, transmission

These next few specs use special templates and observed details. Please read the main article for information on this.


Example taken from Courier. The full template can be found here.

{{Infobox vehicle
|name          = Courier
|front_image   = Courier-DPL-front.png
|rear_image    = Courier-DPL-rear.png
|caption       = The '''Courier''' in ''[[Driver: Parallel Lines]]''.
|vehicle_type  = Civilian van
|body_style    = Step-up [[:Category:Trucks|delivery truck]]
|vehicle_class = [[:Category:Commercial Vehicles|Commercial]]
|capacity      = 2 <small>(driver and passenger)</small>
|appearances   = ''[[Driver: Parallel Lines]]''
|related       = [[Delivery]]
|variants      = [[SWAT Van]]
|handling      = {{Percent|15}}
|acceleration  = {{Percent|35}}
|top_speed     = {{Percent|65}}
|engine        = Diesel 
|layout        = Front engine, rear wheel drive <small>(FR)</small>
|transmission  = <font color=red>N/A</font>
|colors        = Traffic colors

The LeadEdit

The lead is an introductory description, to be placed directly underneath the infobox in the source editor - it appears to the left of it. This identifies the vehicle name, style and games it appears in. The typical style for this is: The Vehicle Name is a [body style] in Driver: Parallel Lines.


Under a ==Description== heading, this is to be used for additional information which isn't suitable under "design", "performance", "locations", "owners", "mission appearances", "variants", "trivia" or "see also".


Here specifies the primary and secondary influences, as well as an advanced description of the front, side, rear and any other profile of the car. Link to primary/secondary influence wikipedia pages if possible, if not, link to a suitable image. STOCK CAR ONLY.


Using a table, list the image of the bodywork, the description of its changes and features, and the name of the livery. In description, name the Bodywork and its number, italicate number.


Example taken from Zartex.

Bodywork Description License Plate
Zartex-DPL-Bodywork1 Bodywork 1 — "Peace", this bodywork features a custom American flag based vinyl with the stripes based after the A pillar of the vehicle, and the stars along the hood and front fenders. The vehicle features numerous peace symbols and a custom police badge on the front doors. The date "1066" is found on the roof. In terms of accessories, it features a custom rear wing finished in blue, as well as side skirts and a front bullbar, both finished in silver. Underneath the front bumper is also the addition of a front diffuser in black. The vehicle features a big-bore exhaust system exposed largely. PEACE
Zartex-DPL-Bodywork2 Bodywork 2 — "Forensics Division", this bodywork follows a forensics theme, with the primary color being black. The vehicle's skin features numerous logos and graffiti-style paintwork. On the front end is the front diffuser found on the first bodywork, but the front bullbar is omitted. The vehicle now features a high performance supercharger, with the "bug-catcher" itself being exposed from the vehicle, finished in silver. A rear whale-tail spoiler. It also features extended front, side and rear skirts. The vehicle now features a big-bore exhaust system like the previous bodywork, albeit enclosed in the rear bumper extensions. FORENSIC
Zartex-DPL-Bodywork3 Bodywork 3 — "Eagle Force", this bodywork is essentially the same as the first bodywork, following the same extra accessories, only a new livery is applied to the vehicle. The livery is now orange and purple based, with a purple stripe running half way down the vehicle. An "EAGLE FORCE" logo appears on the doors, hood and trunk of the vehicle. FORCE
Zartex-DPL-Bodywork4 Bodywork 4 — "Mallisons!", this bodywork is essentially the same as the second bodywork, following the same extra accessories, only a new livery is applied to the vehicle. The livery is now focused around a doughnut brand, named "Mallisons!" in-game. The livery is painted white and pink, hinting at the doughnut toppings and fillings. The logo appears on the roof, hood, side and trunk of the vehicle. The rear whale-tail spoiler is finished in black. DOUGHNUT
{| width=100% class="table"
!License Plate
|- align=center
|''Bodywork 1'' — "bodywork name", description.
|''Bodywork 2'' — "bodywork name", description.
|''Bodywork 3'' — "bodywork name", description.
|''Bodywork 4'' — "bodywork name", description.


Description of the vehicle's performance. Cover top speed, acceleration, braking, handling, durability and any other functions/abilities, i.e. armor or mounted weapons.

Performance OverviewEdit

A template table listing all necessary statistics. Speeds and acceleration are identified using the in-game speedomter, while "autostats" are listed as a fraction (using the same template as found on the infobox, see Driver: Parallel Lines: Manual of Style/Vehicles/Vehicle Statistics). Speeds are listed as mph, with the kmh to 1 decimal place in brackets. Abbreviations only.

If a detail isn't acquired yet, place <font color=red>N/A</font> (N/A) in the field. If a detail isn't acquirable, place {{No|N/A}}


Example currently made up (this is a relatively new feature, thus many articles are not up to date with this template)

Gears Engine Acceleration
(0-60 mph)
Top Speed
(mph / km/h)
5 V8 Petrol 1.125 seconds 110 mph (177.0 km/h)
Vehicle Upgrades

Stage 1
1.1 seconds 122 mph (196.3 km/h)

Stage 2

Stage 3

Nitro Kit
Ray's Autos Statistics

{{Vehicle Statistics
|engine                 = V8 Petrol
|gears                  = 5
|acceleration           = 1.125 seconds
|topspeed               = 110 mph (177.0 km/h)
|stage1_acceleration    = 1.1 seconds
|stage1_topspeed        = 122 mph (196.3 km/h)
|stage2_acceleration    = {{No|N/A}}
|stage2_topspeed        = {{No|N/A}}
|stage3_acceleration    = {{No|N/A}}
|stage3_topspeed        = {{No|N/A}}
|nitro_acceleration     = {{No|N/A}}
|nitro_topspeed         = {{No|N/A}}
|autostats_image        = VehicleName-DPL-Stats.png
|autostats_topspeed     = {{Percent|0}}
|autostats_acceleration = {{Percent|0}}
|autostats_handling     = {{Percent|0}}
TIP: Keep templates with fields neat by aligning all "=" signs and the data following them


The gallery contains two sections; screenshots and design. Screenshots denotes any images, while design is specifically for 6 images; front quarter, rear quarter, front, rear, side, top. Within screenshots should be the bodywork images, under a header specially for them (use {{Header|Bodyworks}}

The images are to be put in centered galleries, within a 2-tab tabber. Please do not center the tabber. This looks hideous.


Example taken from Zartex.


<gallery position="center">
<gallery position="center">
VehicleName-DPL-Bodywork1.png|Bodywork 1.
VehicleName-DPL-Bodywork2.png|Bodywork 2.
VehicleName-DPL-Bodywork3.png|Bodywork 3.
VehicleName-DPL-Bodywork4.png|Bodywork 4.
{{Design Gallery
|FrontQuarter = VehicleName-DPL-front.png
|Top          = VehicleName-DPL-Top.png
|RearQuarter  = VehicleName-DPL-rear.png
|Front        = VehicleName-DPL-FrontView.png
|Side         = VehicleName-DPL-Side.png
|Rear         = VehicleName-DPL-RearView.png

Mission AppearancesEdit

  • Mission appearances. Don't add missions it appears in if it's literally just a taxi driving around. PROMINENT.


  • Owners. Don't speculate, but obviousness is clear.


Locations are to be listed under 1978 and 2006. Mission appearances are not locations, however if the player can obtain the vehicle from a mission, this can be an exception.


Vehicles which do not spawn in the 1978 era (all 2006 vehicles) need a special warning:


''Note: The Saxon is a [[2006 Era]] vehicle, therefore it will not spawn in the [[1978 Era]] naturally''.

*<span style="color:red">Does not spawn in the [[1978 Era]]</span>.

Note: The Vehicle Name is a 2006 Era vehicle, therefore it will not spawn in the 1978 Era naturally.

Era Change appearancesEdit

Some vehicles, however, will spawn in the 1978 era if using the era swap features, and driving the 2006 vehicle in the 1978 era, thus, these vehicles will need an extra note:


  • Can be seen driving around if the player has completed the game, and drives the vehicle in the 1978 Era using the Era Change feature.

1978 onlyEdit

On the other hand, some vehicles will not spawn in the 2006 era at all:


''Note: The Zartex is a [[1978 Era]]-exclusive vehicle, therefore it will not spawn in the [[2006 Era]] naturally''.

*<span style="color:red">Does not spawn in the [[2006 Era]]</span>.

Note: The Vehicle Name is a 1978 Era-exclusive vehicle, therefore it will not spawn in the 2006 Era naturally.

  • Does not spawn in the 2006 Era.
  • Can be driven by the player in the 2006 Era by using the Era change feature, however, it will not spawn on the streets.


  • Trivia is unimportant information that the user may find interesting but not necessarily important. This wiki is welcome to trivia, but blindly obvious trivia, or trivia already noted in detail in the previous descriptions is not welcome.

See alsoEdit

  • Associated vehicle - description.
  • Variants - description.
  • Similar vehicle - description.


The navbox is to be fitted to all vehicle articles. f {{Navbox vehicles}}

Vehicles in Driver: Parallel Lines and Driver 76

Vehicles [edit]

Special Vehicles [edit]
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Cut Vehicles
Eurotech Lifter
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  • The vehicle category should be added.
  • If the vehicle is introduced in the 1978 era, add the 1978 Era Vehicles category.
  • If the vehicle is introduced in the 2006 era, add the 2006 Era Vehicles category.
  • Add categories referencing its body style.
  • Add categories defining whether the the vehicle has default modifications (Pimp Wagon, Cerrano Punk, etc)
  • Add the vehicle class category.
  • Please don't make up categories.
  • Categories are not necessarily descriptions. A couple of words make up categories, not a sentence.

Blank ExampleEdit

A blank example can be found here.