Guardian Angel is a mission in Driver: Parallel Lines.


Maria organizes transport of a high-end sports bike on a truck, and asks TK to help defend the truck on its journey to Hunts Point, but enemies are made aware of the mission and ambush the site before TK can escape. The mission is put on hold and TK has to lose the tail.


It's an ambush. Get out of there! [Back to top]
  • When arriving at the site, numerous enemy cars arrive, forming an ambush. TK is told to escape the area, surrounded with high fencing and containers. This can be done by either shooting all the enemies and consequently finishing the mission, or breaking free from the parking lot.
Lose the tail! [Back to top]
  • If the player decides to leave the area, the enemies will pursue. They must be lost or killed.

Pre-Mission InstructionsEdit

  1. Protect the truck.
  2. Guard it all the way to Hunts Point.
  3. Don't let any pursuers into the compound.




  1. If the player doesn't kill all the ambush attackers in the area, they will begin to pursue the player.
  2. Riding Shotgun was intended to be the focus/objective of this mission, but due to the events, the mission is completed later.


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