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Welcome to the Driver: Parallel Lines Wiki!

Welcome to the Driver: Parallel Lines Wiki, a wiki specially for Driver: Parallel Lines and its prequel, Driver 76, that anyone can edit! Our aim is to provide helpful, factual and interesting information, feel free to help us out!

We currently have 313 pages, over 9,608 edits made, and there is currently 8 active user(s).

Please note, as providing information is our aim on this Wiki, some pages may contain plot details and/or spoilers.

What's on this Wiki?

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The Driver: Parallel Lines Wiki currently has:

  • 313 pages
  • 9,608 edits
  • 8 active users.

And the Wikia has:

  • 10,656,148 users
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Welcome to the Driver: Parallel Lines Wiki!

We would love you to join the Driver: Parallel Lines Wiki, and contribute as much as you can!

About Driver: Parallel Lines

Driver: Parallel Lines is the fourth installment in the Driver video game series. It is an action-adventure video game created by Ubisoft.

On the Wiki!

This Wiki still needs help!

The Wiki needs help on developing its Mission and Weapon articles, so don't feel afraid to get stuck in! Click "Edit" on any article to begin editing!

Also, for any further help;

•  Feel free to ask Members of Staff for help or assistance.

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•  Help the Wiki by uploading videos and images.

Please remember to;

•  Follow the official Driver: Parallel Lines Wiki Policy.

•  Keep all edits and communication civil and responsible.

•  Follow the Wikia Terms of Use.

Happy editing! - Monk Talk 14:09, January 9, 2016 (UTC)

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