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Hunts Point (also named "Hunt's Point") is a neighborhood in the south end of Bronx in Driver: Parallel Lines.


The neighborhood is one of the first areas where the player visits, and the first to be settled and featured in the first mission. The area in the 1978 era is very business-filled, with plenty of warehouses, especially at the nothern portion of the area. Hunts Point is home to one of Ray's garages: Ray's Autos, Hunts Point. The location is relatively high up from sea level compared to other neighborhoods, where the mouth of the river comes in from the north-eastern quarter, with two of the neighborhoods bridges crossing it. A Token can be collected when jumping between these bridges, parallel to their stretch.

Mission AppearancesEdit

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1978 Era

The area is first seen in Nickel and Dime where TK has to drop off the Cerrano back at the garage, Ray's Autos. During the post-mission cutscene, it is revealed he lives at the garage with Ray - his father figure.

From here, Slink sets up work for TK in the mission Wheelman, where he asks him to acquire a wrecked car from southern Hunts Point, and repair it, using it as a drag car to gain large amounts of speed and break speed barriers.


  • The neighborhood is commonly misspelled "Hunt's Point" (apostrophe), despite the real life counterpart missing the apostrophe. This is commonly seen in subtitles, pre-mission objectives and in the map.


Districts in Driver: Parallel Lines

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