Jersey City is a city and neighbourhood in New Jersey in Driver: Parallel Lines.


Jersey City is found north of Kearny and Weehawken, east of Manhattan, and south of Edgewater and Englewood. It links to Manhattan through an underground tunnel found west of the city.

The depiction of Jersey City changes between the eras - In 1978, it is depicted as a middle-class housing estate with identical housing complexes running through the avenues. A few high-rise penthouses and hotels are also found in the areas dividing Jersey City and Edgewater. Near the border of Kearny, several office buildings are under construction.

By 2006, Jersey City has developed heavily. Several of the past housing estates have developed into high-rise office buildings and penthouses, with previously existing structures found in 1978 still existing. Some buildings have also been torn down and replaced with plazas and parks. In addition, the area is much more tidier in 2006 than it is in 1978. 



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