License Plates are a minor feature in Driver: Parallel Lines that supply each road-legal vehicle with a legal registration number.


In both eras, the majority of vehicles feature license plates on the front of the vehicle, and if not, as a last resort, are mounted on the rear of the car. The design of the license plates in both the 1978 era and 2006 era are based on the real life plates of the said eras; the 1978 era plates consist of a yellow backing on the majority of vehicles, and have either white or blue writing displaying the number. "New York is written on the bottom of the plate. The 2006 plate design is based on a white background with blue writing. A skyline of New York (and the vast surrounding landscape) can be seen at the top of the plate, with "New York" embossed in white. At the bottom, a strip of blue with "The Empire State" written on top of it is found. Rather than the generic dash used to differentiate between the numbers (first) and letters (last), a shape resembling the state of New York is used in place of it, seen in between numbers and letters.

All vehicles with license plates in the game have unique plates; the same plate cannot be seen on another vehicle of a different type, however the plate is copied onto every same model, i.e, all Wayfarers have the same number.

List of PlatesEdit

Plate Number Vehicle Image Notes
6118 Zartex
Black on yellow.
2 Courier Yellow on blue. Marked "Big Jon".
59-4625 Dolva Black on yellow.
59-4625 Dolva Flatbed Black on yellow.
662-TYT School Bus Black on yellow.
67492-GH Delivery Van Black on yellow. Marked "Commercial".
16605-E6 Paramedic Blue on white.
PM-DM-SD SWAT Van Yellow on blue. Marked "TRU Team" (Tactics and Rescue Unit)
RED-05 Zenda
Black on yellow.
42286-AH Torrex
Blue on white.
078-PPN M700
Blue on white.

Vehicles without PlatesEdit

The following vehicles appear to lack license plates on the front, which, excluding motorcycles, would be deemed illegal on roads. Motorcycles lacking a rear plate are also deemed illegal.

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