The Melizzano is a 2-door sports car in Driver: Parallel Lines.


It is heavily based on the 1971 Lamborghini Miura. It is one of the oldest sports cars in-game, and features its iconic 'frog eye' headlights.


The car has extreme performance as expected for its class. The vehicle has a high top speed thanks to a powerful front engine, and acceptable acceleration. The design of the vehicle makes it one of the weakest vehicles however, meaning it can be destroyed in one or two large crashes. Given the vehicle's handling, it is recommended to take care with the vehicle in order to avoid crashing, by slowing down when under threat of traffic.

Performance OverviewEdit

Gears Engine Acceleration
(0-60 mph)
Top Speed
(mph / km/h)
104 mph (167.4 km/h)
Vehicle Upgrades

Stage 1
114 mph (183.5 km/h)

Stage 2
120 mph (193.1 km/h)*

Stage 3

Nitro Kit
Ray's Autos Statistics




  • It is the rarest sports car, possibly car, to appear in the 1978 Era, making it even rarer to appear in the 2006 Era.
  • Unlike all other vehicles in the game, the vehicle's Engine Upgrade 2 (EMS2) increases by 5% rather than 10%; all vehicles' top speeds in the game are progressively upgraded by 10% on Upgrade 1 and 2, and by 5% on Upgrade 3. This vehicle's stock top speed is 104 mph, and its Upgrade 1 option upgrades this to 114 mph, while its Upgrade 2 option upgrades this to 120 mph, when it should in fact be, mathematically, 126 mph. This is likely a programming issue with this particular vehicle.


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