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Pedestrians are a prominent feature in the world of Driver: Parallel Lines. They form the vital population of New York and its surrounding areas.


Pedestrians most commonly spawn on the streets in just about any district, neighborhood or village of New York and New Jersey, and as such, there is a large variety in pedestrian models, varying in ethnicity, size, culture, appearance, clothing and walking style.

The area of the city the player is in plays a part in what character models spawn, for example, in the city, more construction workers, road-workers and businessmen/women will spawn, whereas in the suburbs, more vagrants, homeless and unhealthy people will spawn.

The generic business women and men spawn in a suit (skirt for women), a tie and have a particularly fast walk and stern attitude. They usually tend to go around the player if they are in the way, rather than turn around like most other models.

Vagrants, homeless and lower-class peds will spawn particularly around the outskirts of Manhattan, and commonly around Queens. They have a slouched appearance, and specific designs have the male models having their arms crossed in the slouched position, appearing to shiver as if they were cold. They were rags as clothing. Vagrants also appear around the fire barrels around the city.

Much like the characters in the game, the pedestrian models change within the eras. During the 1978 Era, pedestrians wear trendy clothing from the time, such as flared jeans, formal attire, crop-tops and vibrant colors. During the 2006 Era, most pedestrians wear urban clothing, alongside modern hues of blues and blacks. The walking styles are also shown to have changed.

Character ModelsEdit

2006 EraEdit

Type Images Notes
Construction worker Ped11-DPL-2006 Ped9-DPL-2006
  • Green or orange visibility jacket
  • Blue or brown pants
Police officer Ped8-DPL-2006 Ped10-DPL-2006
  • Dark gray or black jacket
  • Light blue or medium blue shirt
  • Clean shaven or brown beard
  • Caucasian or tanned

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