The player rewarded with $100,000 as part of the Perfect Driver Bonus, circa 2006.

Perfect Driver Bonus is a reward given to the player during certain missions in Driver: Parallel Lines.

The reward is given during Side-Jobs, and is only rewarded when the player completes the side-job within a certain time. It is rewarded only once per side job, no matter how many times they replay the specific side-job, however it it awarded again if played during the opposite era.

If the player meets the requirements, Perfect Driver Bonus is given a few seconds after completing the side job. The reward remains the same in each job, being $10,000 in the 1978 era and $100,000 in the 2006 era - the 2006 era reward is 10x more, like all other regular prices and rewards.


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PDB is rewarded in the following missions:

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