The Regina is a four-door luxury sedan featured in Driver: Parallel Lines.


The general design is typically American. It is big, heavy, angular and features a large engine equipped with a dual exhaust system. The shape is relatively similar to the 1980 LTD Crown Victoria/1979 Grand Marquis. The Regina features the same big grille, rectangular lights and angular body-shape as its real life counterpart, although it has relatively small tail lights. The vehicle also has chrome door handles and chrome trims around the edge of the windows.

Performance Edit

The Regina performs, as expected, moderately. It has slow acceleration but doesn't fail to impress in terms of top speed, having one of the highest four-door top speeds in its era. It also has relatively good brakes, although it also seems to sport ABS, to the point at which the car's poor traction means it is even more at risk of losing control under sudden braking. The car is also significantly durable and bullet resistant, perhaps a reason for its use by the Colombians when transporting Rafael Martinez during Kidnap.

Performance OverviewEdit

Gears Engine Acceleration
(0-60 mph)
Top Speed
(mph / km/h)
Vehicle Upgrades

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Nitro Kit
Ray's Autos Statistics



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1978 Era
2006 Era
  • Same as the 1978 era. It tends to spawn more commonly in ghetto areas of the city rather than inner parts.
  • Seen particularly commonly around Manhattan, especially during night time.

Trivia Edit

  • 'Regina' is Latin for 'queen', possibly representing the luxury ambiance of the vehicle.
  • The player is chased by Reginas in the various 1978-era missions such as Repoman, Bread Run and Last Chance, implying the vehicle is used as a gang-car.
  • Reginas undergoing bodywork restoration can be found around the city, most prominently near the Deli Belly TN store in Hunts Point.

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