Relocate is a feature in Driver: Parallel Lines.

The feature allows the player to teleport to certain locations and under circumstances. The teleport feature can be used by entering the map and hovering over specific icons to which a message at the bottom left of the map will display as "[T] to relocate".

A following is a list of places the player can relocate to:

The player is unable to relocate to said locations if they meet any of the following criteria:

  • Are currently in pursuit of the police[2]
  • Are upside down in a vehicle
  • Are currently in a mission[3]

Once the player hits the relocate key, a very short loading screen will appear before the player appears in the desired location.

It is not possible for the player to relocate to their own way-point (green).


  • Relocation is a fast way of removing any heat on their vehicle, or repairing, swapping or upgrading the car, as long as the player is not currently in pursuit.


  1. Other side jobs, such as Taxi Driver, Getaway Survival, Demolition Survival, Perfect Delivery and Stick Up are not marked on the map and cannot be relocated to. These jobs are marked with a purple corona on-site.
  2. The player does not necessarily have had to lose the heat, but they must not be in pursuit at the time of relocation
  3. Only some missions restrict relocation during the mission period. Story line Missions restrict this, and Circuit Races prohibit relocation as all mini-map icons are removed.

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