The Revolver is a standard firearm in Driver: Parallel Lines.


The Revolver is based on a Smith and Wesson: 19 Snub, and has a 38 caliber, 8 round capacity. It is primarily used as a fast firing, non-accurate weapon, having a decent amount of damage, and a quick reloading time, it does the job when under low gun fire.

The gun is advisedly not to be used whilst driving, as the slow firing and range can fault when shooting pursuing vehicles. However, it can be used to shoot whilst on foot, making good use of pedestrians and police.


  • It is the first weapon used in game, and is unlocked after the mission Gunman. It will have infinite ammo capacity.

Notable Owners Edit

  • The NYPD use this weapon, almost all officers equip this weapon.
  • The SWAT rarely use this weapon, though many of the members use much more higher fire-rate weapons.
  • Corrigan owns a Revolver, where he uses it to shoot TK and Rafael Martinez.


Trivia Edit

  • When unlocked, this is one of the only guns to have infinite ammo without the use of cheats, the other being the Pistol when unlocked in the 2006 Era.


Weapons in Driver: Parallel Lines

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