The Service 9 is a sub-machine gun featured in Driver: Parallel Lines.


The weapon is based on the Uzi, featuring a long 32-round magazine and a short stubby nozzle on the end of the weapon.

The weapon has a fast fire-rate, slightly faster than that of the LI-15, however accuracy is much lower; the weapon tends to "spray" bullets rather than precisely aim at a target. The damage dealt by the weapon is also slack for its type, where it can take a large amount of ammo to destroy a car, and a fair deal of bullets to kill a play when considering its poor accuracy as well.


  • It is unlocked after the mission Bread Run, and can be found in the Safe House after the mission (the player will spawn in the safehouse). It is located on the table in the middle of the room between the two large couches.



Weapons in Driver: Parallel Lines

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