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Slink is a mission in Driver: Parallel Lines.


After TK intercepts one of the bookings for Slink's pornography shoots, as well as a money exchange, he meets Slink in the set of the studio in the Funky Rabbit. Slink realises that TK was the one who "messed with his shit" once TK enters the room, as he had managed to destroy his pornography stores. Slink, shocked by his return, claims that it has been a while, and wonders if he's still a wheelman. Holding his gun close to his chest, TK moves towards Slink, who asks if TK still remembers the cocaine deal from years ago, which he denies. However, Roost, one of Slink's gunmen who was supposed to have the transaction with Slink, comes into the room, pointing a pistol at TK. After TK informs Roost to leave, Slink orders him to shoot him dead. However, Roost is shot dead quickly by TK, as his gun had actually been out of ammunition. TK gives chase to Slink, who flees the studio. Slink, once outside, tells his bodyguards the "crazy motherfucker [TK] is back", before he manages to escape through Harlem in his magenta Pimp Wagon, with TK chasing after him in a lime green Pimp Wagon. How Slink dies in the mission is the player's choice. Once Slink is killed, the mission is complete.


  • When the player starts chasing Slink, Now What You Gon Due by Chuck D and Professor Griff will always play on the radio.


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