Tailgate is a mission in Driver: Parallel Lines. The mission is immediately started upon completion of the previous mission, The Mexican.


Ray want's T.K to meet a girl in Uptown Manhattan. Upon exiting the building, a vehicle is destroyed by a hitman. T.K must chase the hitman and kill them. Once they are killed, the player must meet with Maria in Manhattan.


Kill the hitman [Back to top]
  • Upon leaving Ray's Autos and approaching two cars with Ray, one of the vehicles is blown up by an unknown hitman. TK must enter the remaining car with Ray and chase the hitman escaping in an Olympic SUV. Staying close to him, the player must take down the car.
*NOTE: No on-screen objectives appear from here on
Lose the tail! [Back to top]
  • The player will be given a wanted level for killing the hitman. They must lose the police before reaching the destination which is marked on the map. This objective only appears if the player nears the destination corona with current heat.

Pre-Mission InstructionsEdit

  1. Stay close to the hitman.
  2. Take him out.
  3. Meet Maria in Harlem.


Pre-Mission Cutscene


Post-Mission Cutscene



Pre-Mission Cutscene
TK is in the living room, watching horse racing, and tries to turn the TV off to no avail. Ray soon comes in.
TV The vote here must go to Cold Clutch, who hails from the stable of Annie Richards. According to our trainer, Dougie Walton, she's more than capable of producing the goods first time out of the stalls and is picking up a 3-1 favorite in this one. "Give me strength" as...
Ray TV's the black remote.
TV ...see of late, but failed to set the track on fire since her last major win last year at St--
TK uses the black remote while Ray goes to the fridge to get some beer. Racing Towards the Sun - Queen Adreena plays.
Ray The other one, that's the DVD player.
Ray hands TK a bottle of beer and turns the TV off.
TK What happened? These things breed?
Ray I want to help.
TK Oh yeah?
Ray Yeah. I did some thinking. Candy's out of town a lot. There's a girl I know helps him run things, maybe needs a driver. I told her about you...fixed up a meet for tomorrow.
TK What's wrong with now?
Ray Nothing I guess.
TK So let's go.
TK gets up, while Ray finishes his bottle of beer.
TK What about Bishop and Slink?
Ray Like I said - I'm working on it.
Chasing the hitman
TK and Ray go outside and approach two BX-9's, one is white, and one is blue.
TK So who's this girl?
Ray A little patience, man.
The white BX-9 blows up, while a hitman in an Olympic speeds away.
Ray What the fuck?
TK They know I'm out! That fucker's going down!
TK and Ray get into the blue BX-9 and chase after the hitman.
Ray You know which one of them sent him?
TK Does it matter?
TK and Ray chase after the hitman and attract police attention along the way. They eventually blow the hitman's car up.
Ray That's what I'm talking about! Now, you gotta lose the heat!
TK and Ray lose the cops and arrive at the firing range in Harlem.
Post-mission Cutscene
Maria is seen practicing her shooting skills with a pistol. The target shows that Maria got 3 headshots, 2 of which are in the fatal spot, and 5 shots in the stomach, 2 of which are in the fatal spot. TK and Ray greet her.
Ray This is Maria Cortez. Maria, this is the guy I was telling you about.
Maria You know what we do?
TK Move things?
Maria Candy's isn't the place for guys who wanna go straight.
TK So who does the hiring?
Maria I do. You any good?
Ray Oh yeah. He's good.
TK Your job make you tense?
Maria There's bad guys out there.
TK Don't they just get everywhere?
Maria You'll hear from me.
TK Wait. When do I get to meet Candy?
Maria When I say.
TK You're the boss.


  • Because this mission starts immediately after the completion of The Mexican, the pre-mission objectives/lowdown screen does not automatically show, however the player can entering the Map and selecting to view the job lowdown. This also applies to The Mexican itself, as the mission starts with a cutscene unlike many other missions.
  • This is the first appearance of Maria.
  • During the pre-mission cutscene, when T.K accidentally turns on the DVD player instead of turning the TV off, Racing Towards the Sun by Queen Adreena can be briefly heard. The song also plays on the radio.


  1. If the player nears the checkpoint at Harlem, where the meeting takes place, while still in pursuit from killing the hitman.
  2. Because Tailgate starts immediately after The Mexican, developers decided to merge The Mexican's post-mission cutscene with Tailgate's pre-mission cutscene.


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