Trailers for Driver: Parallel Lines help advertising the game (at the time of first released). Ubisoft and Atari released 5 trailers for the game, and they show many missions, vehicles, characters and story-line features.

Trailer 1 Edit

Time Description
0:05 - 0:24 A short cinematic cutscene fades between short scenes, with boxes separating each character, vehicle and short mission scenes. A Zartex is seen chasing a vehicle in Times Square, and then T.K walking slowly. T.K in a car, driving, drifting and being chased are quickly seen in around 15 seconds.
0:24 - 0:26 A shoplifter running out of a store, then running towards T.K sat in a Cerrano.
0:26 - 0:30 an Andec driving down a back alley, before drifting to a stop. The scene then separates in to several small squares, which show the rest of the scene.
0:30 - 0:32 A Cerrano Racer on the Hunts Point race circuit turning a corner, before deploying smoke from its rear wheels.
0:32 - 0:33 Slink and T.K in a mission cutscene.
0:33 - 0:37 A Wayfarer taxi crashing and turning all over the road, a quick glance of a Zartex giving chase is straight after, before squares separate the scene.
0:37 - 0:39 A San Marino is seen jumping down a steep road in New Jersey.
0:39 - 0:39.5 A quick glance of a first person car driving down a street, a Courier is passed.
0:40 - 0:42 Several crashes are quickly passed, including a Rosalita crashing into a Refuse Truck, a Regina crashing head-on into a Brooklyn, and an Andec airborne down a steep street being chased by a Zartex. T.K is pulling out a gun whilst airborne.
0:43 - 0:49 Similar to 2 scenes before, the first person camera continues down the same street, it passes Woody's, Couriers and Cerva's, before piling into a tree.
0:50 - 0:51 The Cerrano the shoplifter was approaching in scene 2 is seen driving off in a surge of smoke.
0:52 - 0:58 The Driver: Parallel Lines logo appears, step-by-step, and the information about development appears a short while after.

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