The Wayfarer is a 4-door taxi in Driver Parallel Lines.


It bares the traditional New York Taxi livery, and is heavily based on the Checker Marathon, although the grill of the car is split into two, instead of being singular.


Similar in performance to the Chauffeur, the Wayfarer feels light weight compared to other sedans, despite its size and shape. This gives the car agile handling and great suspension, however its low performance engine seems to reduce the car's potential by a lack of power being traversed to the rear axle. Its top speed is still relatively high, with an acceptable acceleration rate too.

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1978 Era
  • Can be found across the entirety of New York during the 1978 era.
  • Spawns more often when the player is already driving one.
2006 Era
  • Although it is replaced by the Torrex, it is still fairly common around Manhattan.


  • In real life, Checker Marathon taxis were pulled off the streets of New York City after 1999 after a law establishment was made stating that taxi models couldn't be older than five years. Strangely, however, the Wayfarer still spawns commonly during the 2006 Era.
  • This vehicle shares its rim design with the Zartex and Wayfarer Turbo.

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